Christmas Time’s A-Coming

Date: Oct 27, 2016
Subject: Christmas Time’s A-Coming
To: “H K Edgerton”

Thursday night, 10/27/16


I just read your email-of-the-day, about the dumb white boy and dumb black boy in their car, who threw a folded up dollar bill at your feet, in their senseless attempt to insult you. It hurts to know that so many people, especially young people, are senselessly insulting to other people. Yet, somehow, you manage to take their unthinking insults, and rise above them with your studied honor and respect for humanity. Even for those who insult you. I’m not proud to admit that I sometimes fall short of your standards.

A while back you related a story about having to tape the soles of your boots on, in order to walk. That, Sir, is unbelievably sad. You are outside every day, trying to uphold the honor of our Southern ancestors, heroes to all true Southerners, and you don’t have decent foot wear; in fact, about as poor boots as one of my great-great uncles wore when he was herding cows in the Florida Cow Cavalry; or my great-great Grandfather wore when he was disabled for life in the battle of Seven Pines, Virginia. And, to make it worse, it is coming onto winter, with our nation’s two most honorable holidays approaching: Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If you can email your Postal Service mailing address to me, I will dig deep into my penny jar, and see if there might be a few hiding in the corners to share with you during the Holiday Season.

Bless you, Sir, for what you do for all honorable Southerners. You are truly to be honored and respected among men.

Gary Poore
Cross City, Fla.