On Nov 3, 2016, “jay pellarchy” wrote:

Hello sir

I hope this message finds you in good health and favor. My name is jensen pellarchy im 23 and live a modest working life i own my home. I have 2 vehicles and believe
in the american dream. But through all of that i exsperience hatred everyday weather it be a white woman locking her car doors or a white man making a donald trump joke.
I wont hold you long but i have one simple question. Be a man of african american and slave decent how do you still support the south?


From: HK Edgerton
Date: Sat, Nov 5, 2016
Subject: Re: Info
To: jay pellarchy

Dear Jay,

The question that you should be asking is what happened to the moral decay of the Black man that not only does a White woman lock her car when she sees a Black man,
but also a Black woman does the same in justifiable fear of what he might do.

Your hypocrisy is as deep as the hypocrisy of those who decry Black lives matter, as a nation watches cities like Chicago and across the North as Black’s kill each
other on a pace as decadent of any in the annals of mankind.

And don’t preach to me about my love for the South unless you are prepared to face some truths that start with the thieving Africans who sold half of their people to
the whole world for trinkets and rum.

And, don’t tell me about my love for the South, unless you are prepared to talk about the 12 year period of Reconstruction that forced Southern Whites to rethink
doing right by the African people mainly because so many of them in their drunken stupor sided with the Northern Carpetbagger, and Federal army that pitted them against
the whole of the Southern people, to include decent and loyal Africans, as they continued to rape, kill, and plunder, while using Southern Blacks as a weapon of
choice against Southern Whites, and arguably their own people who were never prepared for freedom.

Southern Blacks, whether free or slave, were robbed, brutalized, kidnapped, threatened, tortured and, our women and baby boys raped, or killed by their so called
blue clad liberators.

I choose to defend my homeland and pledge my loyalty to it just like the organized society called the Knights Brotherhood and Monumental Association did as they shed
the cloth of duping inculcated in their thinking process, and took the path in accordance with the dying words of Thomas Swan, President of the Pole Bearers, of whom it
is evident you know nothing of.

It was a solemn oath to cultivate, and maintain permanent peace with the White people in the South, and to discard the influences of those unprincipled men of the
North with their dupes of crafty design whose only object was their own personal aggrandizement, irrespective of means or results to injury to the African people.

And finally, I don’t know what kind of jokes about Donald Trump that you alluded to. However, the only thing that I have against this Northern man is his praise of
the bigot Lincoln. He is a man who reminds me of a Jewish man who went into a Temple and kicked over the tables of the money changers who meant the people no good. And
I early voted for him instead of the person who referred to Black men as social predators, and would advise you to not only do the same, but also to send me a much
needed donation so that my work can continue to educate those who think like you, as I ready myself for the 15th Anniversary March to Texas. God bless you!

Your brother,

Honorary Life Member of the Texas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans