An Open Letter & Open Report / Questions From The Babies

From: HK Edgerton
Date: Mon, Nov 21, 2016
Subject: An Open Letter & Open Report / Questions From The Babies
To: siegels1

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

On Friday morning, November 17, 2016, I would find myself surrounded by a group of young people as I stood with the Southern Cross in hand.

One young lady would ask of me, “Mr. Edgerton, what do you think about the Mayor of Chicago, and other cities declarations of remaining sanctuary cities, and do you think
it is a State’s Rights issue?”

“No,” would be my reply. “I don’t think it is even close to a State’s Rights issue. In a court case, McCulloch v. the State Bank of Maryland, McCulloch acting as an
agent of the Federal Bank, sued the State Bank of Maryland for their actions to levy taxes on the Federal Bank for doing banking operations in the state. Supreme Court
Chief Justice John Marshall (1st cousin to Thomas Jefferson and a staunch Hamiltonian) gave the court’s majority opinion: Any place that the Federal Government is
doing business, it is the sovereign and supreme entity; therefore, the State bank of Maryland had no Constitutional or legal authority to levy taxes against the Federal bank.
President Trump, in my opinion, has a supreme authority over these cities.”

Another young lady would ask, “What’s next for you?” “I look very much forward to returning to Florida for the second leg of the Florida Southern Cross Revival March.
I would like to march alongside a Confederate Color Guard, and Ladies of the Period contingent in the Inaugural Parade.” And, before I could even mention the Historic
March Across Dixie 15th Anniversary, would come a remark from the youngest lady of all.

“Oh Mr. HK! How and what would you say to persuade President Elect Trump’s Inaugural Committee that somehow that would be not only the prudent, or right thing to do?”
“Especially with the climate that Governor Haley of South Carolina caused by taking the Battle Flag off the Confederate soldiers monument after the Legislature had vowed
that it would never be removed. An action that, I might add, started a nationwide purging of all Confederate symbols, defamation of the Confederate soldiers good name,
and those of the families he defended, both freed and indentured.”

I told them that I would say to the Inaugural Committee that President Elect Trump came to the South asking Southerners to believe in him; a Northern man from the
great state of New York, while espousing Lincoln as Honest Abe, and the biggest lie, a champion of the Southern and Northern African people; poppy cot! The grace of God
we gave to him because we felt he meant good. And, once again we did as the Honorable General Robert E. Lee asked of us; look past it all, and give the American ethos
a chance once again. And all across the South we did!

The Lincoln that he championed never got the chance to make well on his promise to the South to rebuild and to bring her back into the American politic with the
dignity, grace and wealth that she richly deserved. It would be a righteous and honorable gesture for the healing part, and a well deserved chance for truth for this
American soldier and great patriots of the South whose Christian charity to the African people has no parallel to any region of this country, or worldwide, or has an equal
to the defense of the Constitution of the United States before, during or after the War for Southern Independence.

And thanks for asking, and because you did, that’s why I am going to ask my new girl friend, I said pointing to the young lady who initiated the questions; to pass
the hat, because I need to desperately raise funds to return to Florida and sustain my time there, the 15th Anniversary of the Historic March Across Dixie, return
to Mississippi, and the one thing that appears in my sights every year; a visit to Columbus, Georgia to hug one of my brave baby girls, and to post the Colors in her
honor, and to be in the streets everyday to confabulate with the likes of them.

She took a hat from the head of one of the young men who had stood quietly by as I had engaged these young Southern girls, passed it among them. My hat runneth
over! When I arrived home and counted it, the total was $365.00. God bless them! I could fight another week or more. And, on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning,
with a full tank of gas, breakfast and lunch money in my pocket, donned in my finest Dixie Outfitters apparel that bears the Southern Cross, I would set out to post
the Southern Cross, or just march it up a road, a street, or highway while uplifting the spirits of my Southern and arguably Northern family, confabulating, and
posing for pictures as I ready my legs for Florida and Texas. God bless you!

Your brother,

Honorary Life Member of the Dixie Defenders
Sons of Confederate Veterans