An Open Letter & Open Report / Posting The Colors

From: HK Edgerton (
Date: Mon, Nov 28, 2016
Subject: An Open Letter & Open Report / Posting the Colors
To: siegels1 (

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

On Tuesday morning, November 22, 2016, I would post the Southern Cross in the public easement on Smoky Park Highway outside the Sonic Restaurant in West Asheville,
North Carolina.

A middle age White lady and her daughter were the first to come to where I stood: “We were on our way into the grocery store, and saw the flag. And we thought, oh no!
Then we saw you, and we both exclaimed simultaneously, oh yea!”

As several cars passed and the occupants shouted out the Rebel Yell and waved, the daughter would say, “We wanted to know why you were here with the flag, but it
doesn’t really matter now. With the ovation you are receiving from so many, and the warmth that we feel personally, its all so good. Thanks for uplifting our spirits,
and that of so many!” They would pose for a picture, embrace me and ask the almighty God to protect and bless me.

The next to come would be a nice lady who told me that the Lord had compelled her to bring me a cup of chocolate. It was very good, and the $20 was much needed as well
for my gas tank. Another embrace and the blessings of God would follow!

Even the ten White boys who would drive by and give me the middle finger could not diminish the euphoria I felt from all the love thrown my way, to include the car
with several young Black girls who, along with the young White girl driving, would all sing the Rebel Yell as they pull alongside where I stood. One of the Black girls
would also shout out, “You go brother man.”

My dear friend, the Honorable C.D. Crawford, would learn that my gloves were a pair of socks and would bring me a brand new pair of thermal gloves!

The last to come was a White man who would ask me, “Are they paying you a lot to be here with that flag?” I told him, “More than you could for me not to be here.” “I’m
from Germany,” he would reply. I told him about all the Germans that climbed off the boat at Ellis Island, leave their wives and children behind for a Yankee uniform for
a promise of Southern booty and sex.

I told him that the Honorable General Robert E. Lee had run into a regiment of Germans in the Yankee uniform, and not one was able to even speak English. And, have a
good day with your insulting question levied my way. And, if you must really know how much I get paid for being here with my flag, it is a whole lot more than I deserve!
And before he would leave looking so dumbfounded, a car would pull alongside me, and a beautiful young lady would hand me out the passenger side of the car a $10 bill,
and say, “We love you Mr. HK. Please stay warm!” God bless you!

Your brother,

Recipient, 2008 South Carolina Sons of Confederate Veterans Outstanding Southern Citizen Award