Re: An Open Letter & Open Report / Sue The NAACP

On Wed, Nov 30, 2016, Andy King ( wrote:

What could you,.. What would be the goals of your administration, if you were to take rightful claim?

How would this accomplish you personal goals?

Can it be used to the betterment of racial healing?

How long a process?

How much money do the gathering eagles, I mean attorneys, want for retainer?

We can help more if you say the word.

Andy King-C&H Farms


From: HK Edgerton (
Date: Fri, Dec 2, 2016
Subject: Re: Fwd: An Open Letter & Open Report / Sue the NAACP
To: Andy King (

Dear Andy,

I don’t want the Presidency now. My only goal now would be to expose the NAACP for the hypocrisy they put forward about civil rights when they would violate the
civil rights of one who was supposed to be one of their own. If there was a monetary settlement, I would use every dime to fight for my Southland. It has always been
a daily struggle for me to garner enough monies to do battle. And raising funds is something that I hate to do. On most days I find myself without gas, or food money. I
think sometimes that it was meant to be for me to find myself walking 22 miles to the SLRC office where my computer is, and then the 22 miles back as it is always a
moment to uplift the spirits of so many who either pass me by, or stop for an education, or just a picture. Today, I pray that I don’t run out of gas returning home.
And, when one of the few folks like yourself, or someone on the highway gives me a donation, I am so over joyed because I can buy a poster board, travel to one of the
many spots where my babies or someone is calling out for my presence.

Attorney Kirk D. Lyons informed me that he would tell me how much it would cost just to do a preliminary investigation into this matter. Secondary on my mind because
there are far too many other things that I need and want to do. I just skipped a Christmas Parade in Franklin, N.C. because I just didn’t have the gas to get there. I
know that the boys would have passed the hat for me to get back. I wanted to go back to Columbia and post my flag at the Confederate monument for a couple of days. I
don’t get a salary and have to depend on donations which are very few, or honorariums when I give a speech. And I never get the speaking fees posted on my website. They
are just window dressing to keep my detractors from thinking that I am foolish for what I do. I didn’t mean to write a book. God bless you!

Your brother,