From: “Tammy Largin” []
Date: Dec 9, 2016
Subject: Georgia
To: “HK Edgerton” []

Mr HK,

I would love to say I could afford your speaking fee, but the good Lord hasn’t blessed me with that kind of money, BUT I would love to bring my students to hear you speak or tell history. I couldn’t find your travel schedule on the website. Will you be in Georgia anytime in the near future? I would be willing to bring them to neighboring cities such as Chattanooga, Birmingham or Charlotte as well.

I will be speaking with the head of the Roswell Historic Society to see if we can get some funding together to pay for you a trip during our heritage month. Roswell has its history taught a little too yankee for me so you setting the record straight would be a nice change. They set up civil war camp reenactment in May on Barrington Halls front lawn. I think this would be a great time for you to come.

Thank you so much for opening the eyes of those who have the disease. I will continue to press onward with the truth about our heritage.

God bless you and Merry Christmas,

Tammy Largin
Living Science Home Studies


From: HK Edgerton
Date: Fri, Dec 9, 2016
Subject: Georgia
To: siegels1

Dear Ms. Tammy,

I would love to come to speak to your babies. I would come for .62 per mile X 2 (to and from Asheville, N.C., 28806) plus $100 for out of pocket expenses. Unless i have to spend the night, then accommodations should be included for the night. This covers my expenses, and if you throw in an Honorarium, it can be whatever you choose. God bless you, i hope this helps.

Your brother,