What Do You Make Of This? An Open Reply

On Dec 10, 2016, “Wayne Dobson” [waynedobson51@yahoo.com] wrote:

I just saw this article online this morning. Such incidents are not unusual but you would think such a thing would be much more likely to occur in the South. I am curious as to what would motivate a Pennsylvania youth to do such. What is your take?

Merry Christmas, Wayne and family

PLUM, Pa. (AP) — A school district where a black student was upset that a classmate was allowed to wear a sweatshirt depicting the Confederate flag said on Friday that after more students went to class wearing Confederate flag clothing it must be banned.

Earlier Friday, Plum Borough School District Superintendent Timothy Glasspool had told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that a high school student had a right to wear a sweatshirt depicting a Confederate flag even though it upset the black student and her father. He said courts had determined school officials can’t prevent a student from wearing a sweatshirt unless it’s disruptive.

However, when three students arrived at school wearing such clothing on Friday and two were sent home after refusing to remove it, the items were becoming a distraction, Glasspool said in a statement posted on the district’s website.

“As an educational institution we view this as a learning opportunity for our children and encourage all families to discuss how these symbols can cause fear or anxiety in others,” he wrote. “The practice of ethnic, religious, racial or gender-charged symbols that profess hatred, bigotry, or oppression has no place in any learning institution and will not be tolerated in Plum schools.”

The father of the black 11th-grader offended by the sweatshirt, Robert Williams, said Confederate flags “imply things that aren’t very nice” and represent slavery and bondage. He said he thought the issue had been resolved after school officials asked the student not to wear the sweatshirt but his daughter told him the boy wore it again Thursday.


From: “HK Edgerton” [hk.edgerton@gmail.com]
Date: Dec 11, 2016
Subject: Re: WHAT DO YOU MAKE OF THIS? An Open Reply
To: “Wayne Dobson” [waynedobson51@yahoo.com]

Dear Wayne,

What you must first understand is that Black kids in schools all across the South proclaiming they are offended by the Southern Cross is a part of the modus operandi of the Northern Jews who run the NAACP. And it is the payback that the Black poverty Pimps had to give for saving what they deemed as an icon in the Black community.

However, in all actuality, it is their cash cow, and what gives them some measure of respectability amongst the downtrodden Black community that they never help move forward in the realm of social and political vertical mobility.

The Northern Jews were never going to allow the NAACP to fold because it is their weapon of choice against Southern Whites as they push forward to occupy the South with total eradication of Southern culture foremost in mind.

And, you must understand they and their White Yankees aren’t about to allow that SOUTHERN culture to prevail in the North. Oh, we were going to allow the kids to wear their Confederate shirts to school, but the Black kids were offended, and it was beginning to disturb the teaching process is poppy cot (nicely put). I would bet my life that not one of these supposed Black kids could pass a lie detector test about that offense. They have been coached by their reconstruction minded parents to say it. And, these White administrators knew full well it was their opportunity to take the ball out of their court, and blame it on the Blacks; their weapon of choice that only fuels the fires of hate by the likes of folks like the KU Klux Klan, who have no sympathy for their ignorance, and who feel to hell with those decent White folk guilts who think they are somehow helping Black folks who, in fact, are burying themselves deeper in the swamps of despair.

The Ku Klux Klan, of whom many of their families of old were ready to do right by the African people, were forced to watch as the African people were duped by Northern carpetbaggers and Southern scalawags. But what they failed to understand is that education of these Africans, then and now, is the only solution, not violence and hate. And, that education must not only be extended to the African people, but in a large part, to their own.

My Yankee friends knew what they were doing when they established the public school system, and sent their Northern school teachers South to dumb down our children into believing the stand against their tyranny was wrong, and that somehow were the ones who really loved the African people; the biggest lie of all. No man on God’s earth ever loved the African, including their own, like the Southern White man.

God bless you, and the memories of those men like Levi Carnine, Rev. Mack Lee, Robert Stover, Dick Poplar, Napoleon Nelson, Horace King, Holt Collier, Alexander Darnes, and organizations like the Pole Bearers, and so many others who will never be mentioned during the so called month of Black History, except by the women of the United Daughters of the Confederacy of Tennessee and their parent organization, and in books by our past Commander in Chief of the Confederate Veterans (The Forgotten Confederate) the Honorable Kelly Barrows.

Your brother,


A Loyal Son Of The South