An Open Letter & Open Report / The Trial

From: “Andy King” []
Date: Dec 20, 2016
Subject: Re: An Open Letter & Open Report / The Trial
To: “HK” []

You rank well up there with Lee himself, sir. What a loyal standard bearer!

It was tempting to tell you you should have ripped their arm off at the offer, but I think of all those soldiers, black and white, that upon seeing those colors falling would throw down a state of the art and modern marvel of a rifled musket that in those days cost $2000+ in today’s money just for honor.

You sir are just as honorable. How? In the heat of battle you hear of the boys stopping everything for a chicken or to plunder a wagon… But allowing the colors to hit the ground was akin to allowing a bullet in the back, which as you know the boys would avoid often times when retreating by running backwards.

God bless you, HK!

Andy King – C&H Farms


From: HK Edgerton []
Date: Tue, Dec 20, 2016
Subject: An Open Letter & Open Report / The Trial
To: siegels1 []

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

There is seldom a week that goes by that I don’t post the Colors of the Confederate soldier. And the week of December 12, 2016, would give much attention to that charge because it would mark the beginning of the trial of Dylan Roof, and arguably the Southern Cross.

The very first image the media would show was a picture of Roof holding the Southern Cross in one hand, and the pistol he used to kill those parishioners in the House of the Almighty God in the other. No doubt this was done to cast aspersions on the Southern Cross while their concocted lie that this honorable symbol had something to do with the evil act of Roof, or that the makers of the gun he used the same.

As I stood in the public easement of the Smoky Park Highway returning the waves and shouts of “Thank you, HK” from the many who passed me by, it was obvious that the spirits of the Southern people were uplifted by the sight of me and the flag of the Southern soldier.

I would tell the many who would park and hold conversation that the press would allude to the fact that Nikki Haley had served up the flag to the Black folks in South Carolina in return for them not burning and looting. Something that William T. Sherman had done.

I went on to tell them there is no excuse for her actions to serve up this most sacred symbol, second only in the South to the Christian Bible, Christian Cross and Star of David. It is tantamount to sacrilege, and shall never be forgiven. The wave of attacks and hysteria that it triggered all across America against all things Confederate, as the enemies of the South, scalawags, and the White folk guilt people began an unprecedented attack on not only the Southern Cross, but also the monuments erected to the memories of the men and women, freed and indentured, who took an honorable stand together against a man who would illegally invade their homeland, using force to stop their legal departure from the compact that brought them together.

As I braved the temperatures that lingered in the mid-20’s, I was choked with pride from all the love shown to me as I looked at the large pile of hot coffee, hot chocolate, and biscuits that surrounded me daily. I wanted so bad to tell these folks to just leave a dollar for my gas tank, but would not.

Two Yankee White men would come to where I stood on Friday morning, December 16, 2016, and offer me $30,000 for my flag. I would ask them, “Why would you offer me that much money for my flag?” “Don’t you worry about that, Mr. Edgerton. All we need is for you to sign the flag, and it becomes ours to do what we please with it.”

I had exactly $1.50 in my pocket, and it was for a newspaper for my sister. “You got to be kidding,” was my reply. “Follow us to Wells Fargo, and we will transfer the funds to wherever your bank account is. We read that after your flag was attacked in Columbia during Veterans Day, you were going to retire it anyway. Now here is a chance for it to help you to make some money.”

I told them, “Yes, I could use money for a lot of things on my agenda, and that included wanting to spend this week at the Confederate soldiers monument in Columbia, but just listen,” and they did as my name continued to be shouted out, along with the Rebel Yell. I told them that there were at least two people and one organization that I was considering giving my flag to. And that it would make either so happy, much more so than $30,000 would make me. “Consider it, and we will come back tomorrow,” would be their reply.

Tomorrow, Saturday, December 17, 2016 would come, but as I stood on the corner of Economy Drive and Andrew Johnson Memorial Highway in Morristown, Tennessee with the Colors posted, listening to the sounds of the many cars honking, the Rebel Yell, occasionally my name called out, posing for pictures, and listening to so many who would stop and brag about their Confederate ancestors who fought, and died, under these colors while abiding the time for the Bradford Rose Sons of Confederate Veterans annual Christmas Dinner to begin, I thought to heck with $30,000.

As I made my way to the Church where the dinner would be held, a young black woman would stop her SUV and tell her three baby boys that I was representing not only the Black Confederate soldiers on this day, but all the Confederate soldiers as well, and that they should be proud of me. From their smiles, I knew they were.

No sooner had she driven away than would an elderly Black man would park his truck, and ask if he could take a picture of me, and thanked me as profusely as the young woman had done for having the courage to carry the banner of the Confederate soldier as his ancestors had done.

I am so happy that the Honorable Attorney Kirk D. Lyons has joined the legal team that is representing the young police woman in Roswell, Georgia, that was fired because the Southern Cross was on a flag pole in her yard, a flag and pole that belonged to her deceased husband. I wish you and all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Prosperous New Year! God bless you!

Your brother,


Recipient of the Key to the City of Toccoa, Georgia