French TV – Southern Pride!


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Subject: French TV – Southern pride!

Dear Phil,

Thank you very much for taking the time to talk earlier and for all of those very interesting information. I learned a lot and I can now approach this report with a better understanding thanks to you.

As I am doing a TV report, I would love to translate all of what you said in image. For that it would be great as you suggested to meet with some of your friends at the flag memorial in Hillsborough to discuss its history and meaning. I was wondering if they rise the flag every day or if it stays up?

I was also hoping to cover a flag rally or gathering if there is any happening when we are here. I would have loved to cover the BBQ you are having this weekend. Is there any chance you are having a similar gathering on the weekend of January 14?

I also wanted to show a little of the southern lifestyle whether it is a party, a BBQ, an airboat event or a hunt to explain as we discussed how southern people are traditionally close to the earth.

My team and I will be filming in Florida on January 13, 14 and 16. I know it’s a very restraint time frame but I hope we can work something out! You have such a smart and enlightening point of view, I hope I can help broadcast it.

Many best,



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Good speaking with you. The flag in Tampa is up unless inclement weather moves in. I’m checking on events for your visit and am carbon copying this message to interested parties. Below are contacts that are authorities & activists on the subject of Southern Heritage. You might contact a few for their perspective.

I’ve spoken with a number of folks very interested in meeting with you at Confederate Memorial Park in Tampa (the Flag site) that will offer many different perspectives. Many are listed below so feel free to contact them. HK Edgerton. Marched across Dixie with his flag a few years back. Active defender of heritage for all Southern,

Al McCray Public Information Officer, Judah P Benjamin Camp 2210 Sons of Confederate Veterans, Owner: Tampa Bay News & Talk,

Kennedy Twins: Nationally acclaimed authors and authorities on antebellum history and politics. Very active defenders of States Rights & Constitutional Liberty. They are also knowledgeable on Creole Confederates as they live in Louisiana.

Susan Hathaway-Virginia Flaggers: The Mother of the “On Station Flagging Movement.” Defenders of Southern Heritage, builders of public flag sites in Virginia

Ken Lombardia: Local researcher and authority on Hispanic Confederates

Southern Legal Resource Center: Legal organization defending the civil rights of Southerners face illegal activity, discrimination, school suspension, job loss, ect Kirk Lyons……….Southerners are ACTIVELY persecuted on a daily basis in AMERICA for standing for traditional values……..

Commander David West: Winfield Scott Whitehearst camp 01 Sons of Union Veterans For perspective of the topic from the Yankee view

Jerry Little- Native American bloodline & researcher on the topic of Native Americans in Confederate service

Lunelle Siegel Authority on Jewish American Confederates

Anthony Hervey: Murdered Southern Heritage defender, very little media coverage concerning his death & funeral

Holt Collier: Beloved Black Confederate Veteran & hunting guide with many footnotes in history……….He is a direct character in President Teddy Roosevelt role in establishing “Teddy Bears”,

Judah P. Benjamin Camp 2210 Sons of Confederate Veterans Tampa,

CMD Marcello Dobson: Os Confederados camp 1653 Brazil, His family fled the South after the war to re-settle in Brazil. There is a very active Confederate community there…………

Laurie Hauk: Owner Airboating Magazine …………..checking on airboating events during your stay. Looks good for a gathering in Citrus County/ Crystal River/ Withlacoochee River area

I will be checking on other activities for your visit. Should you have any questions, feel free to call me.

Deo vendice!

Capt. Phil Walters
1st LtCMD Judah P. Benjamin camp 2210 Sons of Confederate Veterans
Dr. George S. Tabor Award 2013-2014 “Most Distinguished Camp”


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Date: Wed, Jan 4, 2017
Subject: Re: French TV – Southern Pride!
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Dear Phil,

I wish I could be there for that event. God bless you!

Your brother,