Brooksville Pics / An Open Letter & Open Report / School Days, The Brooksville Raid

From: HK Edgerton []
Date: Tue, Jan 24, 2017
Subject: Brooksville Pics / An Open Letter & Open Report / School Days, The Brooksville Raid
To: siegels1 []

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

It was indeed an honor to accompany you, and the Honorable Attorney David McCallister, to School Days at the Historical Re-enactment of the Brooksville Raid. It was also indeed a pleasure to speak to not only my babies, but also their teachers, and so many parents that would accompany them on this day.

Among the things that I would tell these babies was that the Confederate soldiers were fighting for the rights of the Southern States and their people to determine their own political destiny. And that they were fighting against unjust taxation, and to free themselves of a Northern political dominance that had enriched the Northern States and oppressed Southern States.

I told them that in lieu of the anti-Southern organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center’s published hand book that describes how to attack Confederate symbols, heritage and how to incite civil unrest to include the NAACP 1989 resolution to the same end; we as Southerners need to honor the memory of our fallen heroes, and arguably heroines, and all that served in that great struggle.

I told the little White babies that they or their race had nothing to apologize for because the South fought only because it had been illegally invaded.

I told my little Black babies to hold their heads high because without the untiring sweat of Black men, and arguably Black women, the Confederate Army would have quickly ground to a halt. And most importantly was the bond of love and affection between Black and White that transcended the institution of slavery, and is so incomprehensible to people up North.

I told them that the average Black Confederate understood his duty as God gave him the light to perform it, and that he performed his duty without expectation of reward, or promise of freedom, but knew that if he worked and struggled and fought hard for the Confederate Cause as a loyal subject, the White people of the South would do right by him.

I told my babies that 1865 came the collapse of the Confederacy, and the beginning of over a hundred years of deferred promises to Black folks under the Stars and Stripes, deemed by Martin Luther King as a bad check marked insufficient funds.

I told them that even though the Southern armies had surrendered, the North had not finished their conquest. They began a deliberate policy of poisoning the minds of the former slaves against their former Masters, and continues to this very day aided by the new poverty pimps and their organizations.

I would tell them about how Nikki Haley served up the Southern Cross, Southern Heritage and Southern symbols as a reward to those thugs she felt convinced would descend upon Columbia and Charleston, burning, looting and even murdering, synonymous to what William T. Sherman and his men had done with orders from Abraham Lincoln to take the theater of war to innocent, defenseless, old men, women and children (total warfare).

Your brother


Member of the Dixie County Historical Society / Cross City, Florida