Rex Jones @ UM

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Date: Jan 28, 2017
Subject: Rex Jones @ UM
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My take on this invitation from Rex Jones is to proceed with caution. He could edit your words to fit their agenda in the film but to decline the invitation would also give Ole Who?? ammo. You need assurance that what you say is kept intact. The only way to do that is like you always do…every sentence depends on the sentence before & the sentence after to where it is impossible for them to take out a snippet & use it to their advantage.

It happened to me in 2013. A reporter with WMC-TV, Janice Broach, was interviewing me. I said, “The liberal PC agenda demands that history be rewritten to satisfy a minority of people. There is a hysterical, crazy wave of hiding history now, the haters scream, ‘Take down these monuments to the Confederacy!’. If that is truly what they want in America, then all monuments to everyone’s heritage & history need to be removed & then we will have a Socialist state.” They edited out everything I said but “Take down these monuments to the Confederacy”. The reporter has worked for that TV station for at least 30 years or more….she knew better than to do that. It shows how low they will go to appease the Socialists.

How unbiased Rex Jones can be when his employer is Ole Who?? is a concern. Chancellor Vitter & his administration despise the state flag enough that they were having students arrested for having a small state flag at the football games. UM is a Socialist stronghold now.