Re: At Ole Miss, A Liberal Agitator’s Education –

From: “John Waring” (
Date: Feb 15, 2017
Subject: Re: At Ole Miss, a Liberal Agitator’s Education – / An Open Letter & Open Report
To: “HK Edgerton” (

Amen brother. White guilt is an evil disease that first makes a white person who is ignorant of history and the facts to be bullied into feeling guilty for crimes that
he is not responsible for. It was New England that owned the slave ships and some of New England’s finest families made vast fortunes on the slave trade. Mr. Coon and his
ilk like the snow flake scream fascists about Christians, Conservatives and are racist to black people that are not on the Political Plantation. They scream fascist but I
am sure you know they never condemn Communism. Why because it is the Marxist Yankee Professor that taught the children to be atheist self hating white people. They ruined
many of Southern child who left home as a Christian but came home an atheist communist form of a Yankee Sad thing it was at the parent’s expense of wanting his child to
have good education. The children came out like Mr. Coon a self aggrandized Cultural Marxist. Some didn’t these kids knew who they were. The truth is that most slave holders
in the South had a higher moral standards than that current form of white guilt politicians of today. You know better that anyone about a black man who does not work on
Morris Dees, or Hillary Clinton’s, Nancy Pelosi’s or Chucky Schumer’s Plantation foolery. You can write volumes on all the crap that these hypocrites have thrown at
you. Coon’s is the 21st Century Overseer of that Plantation. The snowflakes that are told to get the back of the line during a Black Lives Matter march refuse to see that
they are being played. HK, I love you like a brother and you are in my prayers everyday. For what you have done for Southern Heritage is something that I will never forget
and I am proud to call you friend.

Your brother in Christ,

John B. Waring.