From: “Catherine Burr” (
Date: Feb 21, 2017
Subject: NAACP
To: “HK Edgerton” (

H.K. — You would know – how well does the NAACP talk about its Communist ties – and ties to Margaret Sanger, hmmmm? And anarchism, eugenics (DuBois’ “Talented Tenth”).
Looks pretty elitist to me.

The 36% black abortion rate is the actual outcome. Looks to me as though white supremacy is the least of their worries….

Further, Oswald Garrison Villard was a grandson of William Lloyd Garrison. Have brought up ties to Emerson (who was also connected to the Secret Six) and a few
John Brown biographers.

History is a wonderful thing. God bless, keep fighting Marxism as our ancestors did.

— Maeve