An Open Letter & Open Report / Hollywood Part 2 / Exposing the Farce

From: HK Edgerton (
Date: Tue, Feb 28, 2017
Subject: An Open Letter & Open Report / Hollywood Part 2 / Exposing The Farce
To: siegels1 (

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

As Israel continued his foul diatribe, a small group of Spanish would cheer him on. I could not help but to think that the Spanish, with the help of their explorers
(Ponce de Leon, Cortez and others), had raped Africa of its people in the slave trade for over 400 years before it was introduced in the colonies of America.

When a young Black woman came forth to speak wearing a Black Lives Matter button, she had, like the rest of, heard the rules of the facilitator: community folks would
speak first, three minute time limit, and at 8:00 PM, the allotted time for the public would come to an end because of time constraints on closing the building.

A total of three times the Facilitator would ask this woman, is this your correct address on the provided card. Each time she would attempt to speak without answering
his question. Finally, on the fourth time, she would approach him, read the card and answer no that she had submitted false information.

The Spanish contingent, and the five or six people that had accompanied her, began to chant, “Let her speak, let her speak.” The wise Mayor and his Council relinquished,
and handed her some more rope.

She promptly turned her back on the Council, and began addressing the community. The facilitator would tell her, “Young lady, you must address the Council.” Her retort
was, “I thought this was a community meeting.” Over ten minutes had passed. She turned sideways, never directly looking at the Council, and asked the audience for a show
of hands from those who supported the name changes of the targeted streets. Only the five or six people who had accompanied her would raise their hands.

She would be admonished for doing this. However, this charade had taken up more than 12 minutes of the total allotted time for all the speakers to speak.

A young Black minister would come and express his desire that the youth of the community should not have to pass street signs every day that bore the names of men who
fought to maintain slavery, and the usual lies about General Forrest, of which the United States Congress in committee had exonerated him of. He also talked about
building churches, like the Honorable Rev. Mack Lee, the body servant of General Lee had done, he would soon learn.

To this young pastor’s credit, after Mr. McCallister, who knows about the Bible and religions, and could have taught him a great deal on that subject matter, and
would quote the scriptures as he had done, and would tell those present not to push the Table of Brotherhood too far away. The young pastor would express his apologies,
and that he needed most for his parishioners and his community to learn about the things Mr. McCallister and I had talked about. And that just maybe he had spoken too soon
about the name changing of the streets.

I have to applaud the Mayor, the Honorable Josh Levy, for having the courage to correctly identify and point out that it was the actions of Nikki Haley that has led the
witch hunt against all things Confederate – something that I so wanted to speak about in the three minute allotted time, only to go off subject because of the assassination
of the character of General Lee, and those of his generals who had befriended the African people.

And while I, nor Mr. McCallister, ever felt threatened, I want to thank the young police sergeant who would escort me away from Israel, and into another room to, in his
words, “just to let you cool off a little, Mr. Edgerton.” And to his Chief, who would, too, escort Mr. McCallister and I to our car, and the entire police force that
showed everyone a great courtesy and kept us all safe.

And not to forget the Honorable CouncilWoman, Ms. Sherwood, who pushed time to the side, and fought so bravely for everyone to be heard, and to all the Council members
who heard and honored her plea.

I can only hope that the powers to be will make it possible for Mr. McAllister and I to stand before this Councill for their next Commission In The Community forum
on April 26, 2017, at the Hollywood City Hall. God bless you!

Your brother,


Honorary Member, Augusta Jane Evans Chapter 2640, United Daughters of the Confederacy