An Open Letter & Open Report / My Black History Speech To The Babies

From: HK Edgerton (
Date: Thu, Mar 2, 2017
Subject: An Open Letter & Open Report / My Black History Speech To The Babies
To: siegels1 (

Dear Ms Lunelle,

I would deliver these words in a speech to my babies as Black History Month came to a close: Under the mellowing influences of time and occasional demonstrations at
the North of a desire for the restoration of peace and good will, the Southern people have forgotten much- have forgiven much- of the wrongs they bore. If it be less so
among their invaders, and their siblings, it is but another example of the rule that the wrong doer is less able to forgive than he who has suffered causeless wrong.

There was no surrender at Appomattox, and no withdrawal from the theater of war which committed our people and their children to a heritage of shame and dishonor. No
cowardice on any battlefield could be as base and shameful as the silent acquiesce in the scheme which continues relentlessly teaching our children in homes and schools
that the economic institution of slavery was the cause for the War for Southern Independence.

The monstrous violations by the Union army were not attempted to be palliated by them, or even covered by pretext. These men were open, avowed and notorious; the general
sacking of private houses. The pillaging of money, plate jewels and other light articles of value, with the destruction of books, works of art, paintings, pictures,
private manuscripts and family relics, the hostile acts directly against property of all kinds, as well as as outrages upon non combatants (Black & White), to the laying
waste of whole sections of country; the attempted annihilation of all necessaries of life; to the wanton killing of farm stock and domestic animals; the burning of mills,
factories and barns, with their contents of grain and forage, not sparing orchards or growing crops, or the implements of husbandry; the mutilation of records of great
value, the extraordinary efforts made to stir up servile insurrections, involving the widespread slaughter of old men, women and children, the impious profanation of temples
of worship and even the brutish desecration of the sanctuaries of the dead.

All the enormities of a savage character not openly ashamed against the very existence of civilized society, and so revolting to the natural sentiments of mankind, in
open violation of modern usages of war as legitimate means in putting down a rebellion.

And now once again with the aid of a mentally disturbed individual, one Dylan Roof, they now seek to carry out this facade not by the aid of armed soldiers, but through
the active employ of poverty pimps, their organizations, public schools, judiciary, politicians, scalawags and a new breed – White folk guilters.

And, I must forewarn your parents that the history of the human race furnishes no like example of men who, by their action, have so exposed their children to men who,
unconstrained, have dishonored the graves and memorials of their dead. Our own people have aided and are still aiding with all the insistence of damned and daily schoolroom
iteration in the work of teaching these malignant falsehoods to Southern children in the work of so representing a brave people to the world of today, and the ages to come.

Nikki Haley’s only defense of her actions to serve up the Southern Cross was because I had to do something for fear that the thugs would descend upon the State – burning,
looting and possibly murdering. With no belief or faith in the South Carolina Law Enforcement agencies, she opened the door wide for those who, like Thaddeus Stevens, hate
the South, and look only to occupy with their demented ways.

My babies would ask if there was any government entity that would stop the Isis like affair that has fallen upon the South with the removal and destruction of our
monuments, flags and heritage?

My reply was that only the City Council of Hollywood, Florida give me any hope that righteousness will be carried out for our noble and righteous people, who made an
honorable stand against tyranny, and the circumventing of the laws of the National Constitution. God bless you!

Your brother,


Member, Save Southern Heritage Florida