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Dear HK, March 15 2017

As always, How are you and are you feeling good? I always read your Letters. I have saved almost all of them and re read some occasionally. I am proud to be your friend.
The letter today is most profound. To me , it clearly states the problem with today’s non-history.

I spoke to someone yesterday about a trip I made with Dakota to Sacramento, Ky. This was the place that General Forrest made his first contact with the Union. However due to the misinformation, General Forrest could not have fought in Kentucky because Kentucky was neutral during the invasion of the South. This was a great day for us. The battle was of course a Cavalry Battle so the reenactment was beautiful and staged on part of the original battleground.

I lost track of young Dakota that day. AS always when we were together at a reenactment Dakota was allowed to roam freely. Partly due to his curiosity and part to my faith in the reenactors and their families. I never feared for his safety. He was welcomed in every tent as family. Sometimes he would say “those are really nice people”.

That day I found him twice with the Southern men. The first time he was with a reclining Cavalry unit of guys eating watermelon. He was serving the ice water in a coffee pot. He felt pretty special so I left him there. About 8:00 o’clock I started looking for him again. I searched till near dark. I found him with the artillery line this time. He was laid out on the ground with a bunch of other older fellows playing checkers! I once left the field in Virginia and left Dakota behind under the direct supervision of our friend, the Sargent Major.

I returned to camp after dark, I found Dakota sleeping on the ground with his rifle in front of our tent. Several other young boys had built a fire and the boys all slept “campaign style” on the ground just like the army did and still do.

My point is that these who cause the unrest and spread the lies about the South then and today have no place to leave their young children! They do not and will never understand the Gentile People of the South. It is a damn shame that some pre-paid Yankee is still doing the work of reconstruction and the Southern Democrats running everything their way.

Long story but I use it to describe the ways of the South. WE are family with ways and are good to the bone. You and all of your friends and reenactors are the first line against the lies told in churches and schools and even at tables in the homes.

I understand your frustration. The disappointments surely take toll on you physically but even more emotionally. “The’y ain’t no doctor for that!” However If not you … then who?

Again please stay safe and watch out for that “Big Old Buick” that will hurt you if they can.

Love and respect always,
Don Grider.


From: HK Edgerton (
Date: Wed, Mar 15, 2017
Subject: RE: An Open Letter & Open Report / The Questions & Comments From My Babies
To: “Grider, Don (PPC)” (

Dear Don,

Thanks for making my day. It is always great to hear from you. Please give Dakota a big hug for me. God bless you!

Your brother,