White Folk Guilt Defined

From: HK Edgerton (hk.edgerton@gmail.com)
Date: Fri, Mar 24, 2017
Subject: White Folk Guilt Defined
To: siegels1 (siegels1@mindspring.com)

When John Brown first came South, he would sneak into the slave quarters delivering spikes to the African people with instructions that they were to use them to kill their Southern White families, or he would kill their babies and family members.

Little did he understand that these Africans while afraid to tell or warn their White family members of his threats or intent, they had become used to the Southern White folks Christian charity, not to be construed with White folk guilt, and were not even going to carry out this evil plot.

Here in the twenty first century, far too many Southern White folk equate White folk guilt, a disease manufactured by Yankees to lure Southern White folk into believing the false narrative in the public school system and body politic, that they (Southern Whites) are guilty for the economic institution of slavery, that they fought a war to maintain it, and that throwing their ancestors into a cess pool of historic evil perpetrated by them against the African people will somehow vindicate them. And lastly, they are to think of this as White folk charity, which is a high misnomer.

And, furthermore, this White folk guilt has opened the door for the hatred analogous to what happened to the African people of the South during the twelve year period of so called reconstruction, as they were duped into turning against their only true friend in America, the Southern White man (still). See: the actions of Dylan Roof were caused by the Southern Cross, the Isis modus operandi – move and destroy the memorials to the Confederate soldier, move the Southern Cross as a symbol in State flags (Georgia, Mississippi), and worse of all to attack the good names of those Confederate Generals that befriended the African people.

White folk guilt is a greater enemy for the people of the South than anything. It bears no truth, serves no purpose other than moving Black folks back into the cess pool of reconstruction that put the love that Black folks and White folks found for each other in the South almost asunder, in lieu of the economic institution of slavery, as the enemy of our fathers have come once again to steal what was left behind as we now face Southern social and cultural genocide with the new occupation.