An Open Letter & Open Report / Fake News / Summerville Flower Town Festival

From: HK Edgerton (
Date: Fri, Apr 7, 2017
Subject: An Open Letter & Open Report / Fake News / Summerville Flower Town Festival
To: siegels1 (

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

The President of the United States is always talking about fake news and inaccuracies of the press reporting the truth, or for better words, facts.

The Summerville Journal Scene reporter, Jenna-Ley Harrison, would write an article based on information given to her by Thomas Dixon and Louis Smith, defaming the Sons
of Confederate Veterans without even interviewing any of the Sons, myself or any of the people who attended the City of Summerville Flower Town Festival, where these
two alleged that the Sons of Confederate Veterans tried to incite a riot by handing out the Confederate Naval Jack at the festival.

Not only is this statement false, and disheartening, but is despicable personally to me because I am the one who passed out the majority of these flags. And I can tell
you, I passed them out to people of all races. And yes, there was a very small minority who would decline amicably to accept one.

And I can tell you that of the thousands of participants who would stop to pose for pictures at the Confederate cannon, not one would turn down my request for a hug
to me, or from one of the men who, too, were don in the Confederate soldiers uniform who stood beside me for the photo. (Red, Yellow, Brown, Black or White)

And, for Dixon and Louis to threaten to have the likes of Black Lives Matter to intimidate the Sons at their events is no different than if the Sons would threaten to
have the Ku Klux Klan at their events.

I am proud of the citizens of Summerville who responded to the Sons with a great deal of love, something that these two men of hate could not stand, and now try
to pervert. And, who sent one lone White man to the Sons booth with a Black Lives Matter flag, only to be turned away to the delight of hundreds who looked on in disgust.
And, not to forget Louis, who would continue to try and break the peace by coming to the Sons’ booth shouting obscenities in an effort to provoke me and the other Sons,
and finding no success as he was escorted off by the honorable police of the Summerville Police Department.

And, while I do not believe the FBI, Department of Homeland Security or SLED will even get involved with this fiasco, I hope they do, and just maybe the Congressional
venerated Christian symbol, the Confederate Battle flag, will have a just day in the body politic, and end the Isis modus operandi that now falls upon the honorable people
of the South who face Southern social and cultural genocide because of the actions of a mad man, and those who continue to hate the South. God bless you!

Your brother,


Chairman of the Board of Advisors Emeritus, Southern Legal Resource Center