An Open Letter & Open Report / An Encounter With My Babies / Conspiracies

From: HK Edgerton (
Date: Tue, Apr 11, 2017
Subject: An Open Letter & Open Report / An Encounter With My Babies / Conspiracies
To: siegels1 (

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

As I stood on the side of the road with the Southern Cross posted, returning the waves and shouts from those who passed me by, somewhat sad because I did not have the funds to enter the great State of Mississippi at the request of my babies or to make the journey into the great state of South Carolina on a similar request, lo and behold coming to where I stood would be a group of young people heading towards me. My babies!

After an exchange of hugs, it didn’t take long before they would begin: “Mr. HK, we read that you believe that there was collusion between a Mr. Louis Smith and the YMCA of Summerville to keep the replica of the Historic H.L. Hunley Confederate submarine from attending the City of Summerville, South Carolina’s annual Flower Festival. And furthermore, that there was a conspiracy by the local newspaper, the Summerville Journal Scene, to report false information to the community about the Sons of Confederate Veterans by Louis and a purported Minister, Rev. Thomas Dixon.

“Mr. HK, if you feel this to be true, to use this event thus, is there a conspiracy to eradicate the memory of our ancestors by delegating their memory to evil and do you believe that Dylan Roof acted alone in the assassination of those Black folks at the Church in Charleston?”

My answer would be yes to the first question. And secondly, I don’t know if Roof acted alone. However, I do believe that Lindsay Graham and Nikki Haley were part of some kind of conspiracy to serve up the Southern Cross in exchange for something.

“Mr. HK, we all believe that the Southern people would do as the Honorable Generals Robert E. Lee and Nathan Bedford Forrest asked of them; to forgive the atrocities committed against them, both during the War For Southern Independence and the twelve years of occupation, so called reconstruction, and became not only great patriots of this country but also the greatest peace makers of any people in this forgiveness, only to have themselves and their region continuously vilified.

“We came here before you today as a mixed race group to say thanks, and to let you know that we heard the message of the Pole Bearers Association as told by you; to stay brothers and sisters and honor the memory of our ancestors who stood together against those who raged an illegal war against us, and who continue to try and divide us with their distortions of history.

“And, we hope to see very soon the pictures of the Summerville Flower Festival that tell the real truth. God bless you, Mr. HK, and thanks for all you have had to bear for making an Honorable Stand in Dixie Land as would all of our ancestors do!”

God bless You!

Your brother,


Honorary Life Member, Texas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans