Letter To The Editor

From: David Judy (ranger749@yahoo.com)
To: Moorefield Examiner (examiner@hardynet.com); WELD Radio (weld@hardynet.com)

Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Subject: Letter to the editor:

Among the obligations of the Sons of Confederate Veterans are the recognition and preservation of authentic Civil War battle sites. In light of that, the West Virginia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans is establishing a memorial flag site to honor the soldiers and an early battle ground on Alum Hill just North of Moorefield, West Virginia.

On January 3rd., 1863 Confederate forces were sent from New Market, Virginia to scout and liberate Federal held Moorefield, Virginia. Included within the Confederate troops were the Sixth and Seventh Regiments of Virginia Cavalry and two artillery batteries. The Baltimore Light Artillery was positioned southwest of town and Chews Battery was positioned northwest of town on Alum Hill. Opposing the Confederate troops were Battery D, 1st.(West) Virginia Light Artillery and infantry in position on a hill (Olivet) east of the town.

The Federal artillery opened with fire on the Baltimore Battery which returned fire providing cover for the positioning of Chew’s Battery on Alum Hill. Chew’s Battery opened with two guns, and fired approximately thirty rounds over the town, (most of which landed in the town), as the range was about two miles and too distant to carry. This was likely the first time such extreme fighting occurred over Moorefield.

The action of battle was broken by the arrival of Federal infantry and artillery arriving from Petersburg. The Confederate forces were split, with some retiring south on the South Fork Road, (from whence they had come), and the others crossing the mountains to the west and moving toward Petersburg.

To commemorate this historic battle, on May 6th, 2017, at 1:00 PM, a ceremony will be held on H.L.Wilson’s lot behind the new BK. Featured speaker is H.K.Edgerton. A Confederate battle flag will be raised on Alum Hill to honor this historically accurate occasion and all Confederate soldiers. The Sons of Union Soldiers will also be present to assist and support this venture. All are welcome to attend.

Commander David D. Judy, McNeill’s Rangers, SCV Camp 582