Summerville Man Says Confederate Flag Supporters Phoning It In / WCIV / Aggrandizement

From: HK Edgerton (
Date: Thu, Apr 13, 2017
Subject: Re: Summerville man says Confederate Flag supporters phoning it in | WCIV / Aggrandizement
To: siegels1 (

Who is Louis Smith would be the question that I had to field on several occasions yesterday. In my personal opinion, he is a little man who is a habitual liar, and every time he opens his mouth a lie pops out. He seeks personal aggrandizement with his attacks on Southern Heritage and, in particular, the Southern Cross and the Memorial monuments to the Confederate dead.

I would caution all decent people to shun him. He is an unstable man that the Northern press has propped up as a champion of Southern Blacks, just like they have done other hate organizations who care only about their personal coffers.

And, I doubt very seriously that he has contact with Confederate flag supporters. I saw his temper tantrum at the Summerville Flower Festival, heard his hate rhetoric, and also doubt that he would be at the Table of Brotherhood that Dr. Martin Luther King spoke about.

In fact, I await so very patiently to hear about the status of his so called request for an investigation from Homeland Security, the FBI, and SLED in regards to the Sons of Confederate Veterans trying to start a riot at the Summerville Flower Festival.