Prepared Statement For Florida Press Conference, April 17, 2017

From: “HK Edgerton” (
Date: Apr 17, 2017
Subject: Prepared Statement for Florida Press Conference ; April 17, 2017
To: “siegels1” (

After Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi was allowed to get away with only giving an informal interpretation of Federal Law 425, Section 210, that clearly establishes
the Confederate soldier as an American veteran, it not only marked the death knell of any other legislation prepared to those ends, but also solidified the conspiracy to
rid the American psyche of the true history of the families bold efforts to stand against tyranny from the Federal Government.

I firmly believe now that Dylan Roof is a deranged, mentally challenged pawn used in a cynical conspiracy against the South, and that those nine honorable Black
parishioners were collateral damage to those ends. And furthermore, that the dear mother of Roof is the biggest victim of all, as she watches the baby boy that she
raised metamorphosed into something that she can’t even recognize.

For those few Southern Floridian patriots who believed that there was to be a Bill coming out of their legislative governing body, that would protect their
Veteran monuments (to include the Confederate soldiers monuments) from the Isis like modus operandi, they were duped just as bad as the 21st century boot Blacks who now
lead the South against the memories of the honorable Stand against the tyranny of Abraham Lincoln and the Northern industrialists who sent an armed invasion against the
South with orders of total warfare.

After almost twenty years of trying to abide by the charge of the Honorable Stephen D. Lee to the Confederate Veteran to protect the good name of the Confederate
soldier (and arguably his family), I can only now forewarn all Southern Black folks to move quickly away from any and all efforts against the Confederate flag,
Confederate soldiers monuments to include the dialogue to those ends.

There is nothing but misery to gain. And, just like the era of reconstruction, the poverty pimps will enjoy their boats, sipping whiskey, and brothel places as the
Black race continues to suffer the pain at the bottom levels of the body politic of American life. And, the loss of his only true friend, the Southern White man who
understands the tyranny of his Northern brother who still conspires against him, and the compact they forged against a King, will only multiply.