Re: NOLA Fundraising Letter

From: “Rashad” (
Date: May 5, 2017
Subject: Re: NOLA Fundraising letter
To: (

The black community in the south need to take a lesson from the Honorable Booker T. Washington. All this discard is from outside forces. I was down at Tuskegee Alabama where there was a Confederate monument that no one is attacking.
The Black community has been duped by the NAACP and the the Civil Rights movement that has produced nothing for the black people in this country.
They need to stop taking these monuments down and focus on the ills that confront the black community. The community has become a disgrace. The youth have become disrespectful and lewd.

Why blacks have bought into this attack on the Monuments is because of the Southern legal law center and the Yankee NAACP.

Southern Blacks have now taken on the trash of the Yankee Blacks.