Please Come To Florida

Mr. Edgerton,

Please send this around to your list and ask them to help.

A few years back you said Florida would be the next ALAMO and it most surely is. Mitch “Isis” Landrieu has emboldened the Haters in Florida and Orlando mayor Buddy Dyer has said he’s taking down the 1911 Downtown Orlando monument, paid for by ice cream festivals and other fundraisers of the Annie Coleman Chapter of the United Dauhters of the Confederacy, and it sits on land donated to Orlando by Confederate Veteran, and “King of the Crackers” Jacob Sumerlin.

We have started a petition for everyone to sign, but we need your boots on the ground evey day in a vigil in Orlando.

Can you please ask your supporters to help fund travel costs. I know it is a LONG LONG way from Ashville, NC to Orlando, FL and it will put a hurting on your vehicle, that has the “check engine” light on already..

Tell them, we must stand up and fight. We are the thin gray line. It is time to do it not just for us and our ancestors but for America…Donnie can’t do it by himself…we have to stand up against those seeing to destroy America.

I read this morning that a high school in Tallahassee, some of the students flew their battle flags in parking lot and people were wondering why. My first though…THEY REALIZED WAR had been declared on America when the destruction of Pres. Davis and Gen. Beauregard, and they were doing what they could.

Please tell our donors/supporters to send that they can to make your trip possible to keep the wolf from the door in the land of the mouse!

Miss Lunelle