An Open Letter & Open Report / From The Mouth Of Babes

From: HK Edgerton (
Date: Mon, May 29, 2017
Subject: An Open Letter & Open Report / From The Mouth Of Babes
To: siegels1 (

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

Today, May 29, 2017, finds me in the greatest of spirits even though my car sits in a parking lot unable to start some 100 miles from home. I still have my flag. And,
wherever I post it, there will always be jubilation in the moment for me, and for those who stop to confabulate, or wave as they go by.

I wanted to answer the question posed to me by a Black couple who joined several White couples who gathered around thanking me for what I do, as I stood on Highway 321
in Gastonia, North Carolina. However, I left it to them as they talked to myself and each other.

“Why have so many Southerners led the charge against our flag, and the Confederate soldiers monuments, an integrated force? It does not appear to be a Black thing, even
with the Mayor of New Orleans nefarious actions, and warped accountings of history that pushes aside the loyalty of the African people to the South.

“Had they voted for Donald Trump, just maybe he would have stopped this Isis method of genocide that now takes place against the South. Why don’t you write him, Mr.
Edgerton, for help?” I told them that what they asked me to do was a part of the whole problem. And, everyone of them should write that letter.

The young Black woman would reply; “I am afraid, Mr. Edgerton, that even if he would help, the trouble it would cause him would be greater than he faces with the
Democrats about Russia.

And suddenly, one of the baby boys who looked about 11, or 12 years old, who had been standing patiently with his parents listening, would chide in; “Excuse me, but he
is the President, and if he hates the terror of Isis, then he should stop this. It is the same, and if y’all want me to, I’ll write to him and ask for help.”

For a moment, it got real quiet on that corner, as I believe we all felt shame that this child had exhibited the courage of Forrest, and we had exhibited none.

It would cost young Jacob nine hugs; no make it 12, because I would hug him three more times as he departed with his parents with a big grin on his angelic face.

And, I must not forget to thank the ladies (Ms. Jenna, Ms. Arlene) and the men who accompanied them to New Orleans. And I must not forget to thank Mrs. Lisa Thomas,
and Ms. Jane, and her husband of Tennessee who provided support. I carry a thankful heart that I too many time assume everyone understands my appreciation. God bless you,
and my Southern, and arguably Northern family of the North as well who step forward for our Southern Cause as did so many of their ancestors would do!

Your brother,


A proud member of Save Southern Heritage