Poisonous Culture

From: JAMES R BISHOP (mailto:jbish6@bellsouth.net)

Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2017
To: William Berry (bbvestor@prodigy.net)
Subject: when is going to hit us?

The South’s Confederate-monument problem is not going away


From: “Tim Foster” (fosterjt@spart6.org)
To: “JAMES R BISHOP” (jbish6@bellsouth.net)
Sent: Friday, May 26, 2017
Subject: RE: when is going to hit us?

This is part of an overall, global scheme. Few people realize that and it has taken me a long time and a lot of study to come to this conclusion. You have to do like the mapquest thing and back all the way out to get the global picture. The statues are a reflection of the ideals represented by the person. The ideals of self government, personal liberty, freedom, have ALWAYS. ALWAYS been under attack from 1776 till now. It has never stopped, it will not stop. The forces of GLOBALISM have made major inroads into our society and make no mistake about it this is Satan himself and we are living in the end times . The bastions of liberty in the world have fallen one by one. I stood in a British museum in 2015 looking at a manikin of a British Soldier in WWII uniform holding an Enfield Rifle. When I told my friend I had one a WWII British soldier standing next to me asked me about mine. He then said he had one til “the bastards came and took it, referring to the government. The guns, the ideals, the Constitution, the Statues and History are all Threats to the Globalists. WE ARE TOO. What do we do is the question everyone asks me. My answer: FIGHT THEM ALL DAY, EVERYDAY,AT ALL OPPORTUNITIES. Last night I was watching SC ETV and saw a program about the State Mental Hospital and it’s history. At the part where Sherman came in the said “Fires raged across the City”, then quickly switched gears. Nota mention of Sherman’s destruction. Not a word. I stopped right them and emailed them ,blasting them and explaining that is an example why we do not support them financially. I teach students here and have for 25 years the truth about the War. I would encourage you to buy and read THE SHINNAR Directive. It is well worth it and will open your eyes to the direction we are headed. At the Battle of the Hillsman House (one of the last) near Appamattox, the two armies faced off and many Confederates had a handful of rounds left. They faced the enemy and made one of two decisions: either surrender or DIE fighting. Witnesses said come of the CS boys had expended every shot, wound up in a writhing pile of men and were biting the Yankees on their necks trying to sever their jugular veins. Pray up. Load up. Be Ready. They are coming.J.T.Foster


From: Martin Farwell (mailto:marrobfrwl@hughes.net)
Sent: Friday, May 26, 2017
To: Tim Foster (fosterjt@spart6.org)
Subject: Poisonous Culture


Tim is absolutely correct: the larger movement is complete one world domination of thought and action. Rugged individualism, as put forth by people who cherish FREEDOM
must be eliminated in every form that it exists.

BIG BROTHER knows best and therefore IS best, according to this movement. Conform or die is their motto. Some of us will NEVER CONFORM, and they know this That is why
they work at eliminating anything and everything that even hints at non-conformity to their goal.

Confederate history is perhaps one of the greatest threat as it keeps alive the fact that, although greatly out numbered in men and equipment, some people were and
are willing to “kick against the goads”, so to speak, and not be taken in a direction they perceive will not end well for them and their posterity.

One of their cornerstones of this movement is that the amalgamation of races be pushed at every opportunity. You don’t have to look hard during t.v. shows or commercials
to find mixed race “couples” and now even same sex couples being paraded to sub-consciously effect the psyche of the observer. This is especially true with black men
with white women. Take note of this and you will notice it more often then not being pushed by t.v. Same thing with whites being made to look stupid, and blacks being made
to look smarter. Look for it, it is there in plain sight being used as propaganda for this movement. The dumbing down of the majority in American is a priority of the
movement. Public schools and colleges are well on track to accomplish this. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

Perhaps the greatest obstacle standing in the way is the 2nd Amendment. An armed people are not sheep that can be easily led to the slaughter house. That is why the
vast majority of all gun crimes are being committed by minorities (used by liberals to perpetuate the movement) and therefore are being touted as the best reason the
general public can no longer be trusted with guns. We don’t have a gun problem: we have a criminal minded minority problem that is ever influencing the majority to act
in ways they otherwise would not.

Nothing makes me sicker than to observe some dumb ass white kid trying his best to act black in his clothing, his music, and his lack of manners. Yet it is a full
blown movement. Rap/Hip Hop music is perhaps the common bond in this trashy culture. Colored Rap = CRAP. Period. There is not one thing redeemable in this noise. It is
by nature self-destructive in everything it advocates. The very same people who say they are “offended” by a Confederate statue aren’t the least bit offended by a rap
song that touts murder, mayhem, incest, rapine, theft, drugs, and resistance against order. Tell me I am wrong, I dare you. I guarantee you that these talking suits who
call for the destruction of everything Confederate can be found in possession and usage of this HIP HOP/CRAP music, it doesn’t offend them at all for it is part of their
most conscience mentality. And look how many MILLIONAIRES the HIP HOP/RAP music culture is producing. Must be a demand for it somewhere. Not in our home. I hope not
in yours.

Tim said it well: they ARE coming and have been coming, and we are coming nearer to the end of the age. It is rapidly drawing to its prophesied completion. Professing
to be wise, they became fools. To every good work reprobate, that is the course pursued. Did you ever expect to live to see in your life time these things happening?
Right now, right before our very own eyes?

KYPD is one answer. Out of our cold dead hands!



From: “William Berry” (bbvestor@prodigy.net)
Date: May 26, 2017
Subject: Fw: Poisonous Culture
To: “Charles Chapman” (chapmanc@hpw.com)

On Friday, May 26, 2017, barry (barndtbenson@bellsouth.net) wrote:

TV projects the superiority of the black race over whites. Blacks are depicted as the supervisor or leader on many shows today. If you don’t believe that, then just
watch some of the shows. Also, they depict white women as sexually attracted to black men all the time.

Makes me sick!



From: HK Edgerton (hk.edgerton@gmail.com)
Date: Sat, May 27, 2017
Subject: Poisonous Culture
To: siegels1 (siegels1@mindspring.com)

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

My little Black babies accurately predicted that because of the cultural cleansing that is now taking place with the removal of the Confederate soldiers monuments and
the continued attacks upon the Southern Cross, Black folks would take the brunt of the blame, and the scalawag Mayor of New Orleans only accelerated that moment.
Reconstruction all over again.

And, sadly for me, I just can’t raise enough funds to go to all the places they call upon me to come to help them with this moment of terror that we all face as war
has been declared upon the South. This email that I received and now forward is only an example of what is to come; totally oblivious of the actions of Haley, Graham,
and the other so called White leaders that have sold the South out with their complicity. God bless you!

Your brother,