On Jun 12, 2017, HK Edgerton ( wrote:

Dear Ms. MaryElla,

I have taken this issue about Bethany up with the staff at the Southern Legal Resource Center for advisement, and shall contact you about it soon. Please tell Beth to
keep her head up high. God bless you!

Your brother,



From: MaryElla Fitz (
Date: Mon, Jun 12, 2017
Subject: Re: Bethany
To: HK Edgerton (
Cc: bethany – home (

Thank you, Brother… she has been considering taking the matter to HR, but considering how very ‘liberal’ they are, doesn’t believe they will care one wit about others diversity ??… Only those they approve.

Would you mind asking how much would it cost for a letter to HR and her department GM?

We saw the writing in the wall 15 years ago when Delta started with their diversity and sensitivity training! I tried to teach my children the necessity of not enslaving themselves to debt and instant-gratification mentality, which then leaves their moral compass at the mercy of a government or corporate paycheck.

I prefer bankruptcy to political correctness, though I know the Lord would frown on that as well. No one has forced these obligations in us.

Sorry I’ve rambled on again. Our children, our nation of states… We are so adrift in the world system :(…

Thank you again,