Re: Diversity

From: Bonnie Hollingsworth (
Date: Wed, Jun 14, 2017
Subject: RE: Diversity…
To: HK Edgerton (

GRRR! Anger and disappointment rule, and I don’t want to be angry. One has to wonder; had she shown up in an LGBT hoodie, or perhaps one with an ISIS black flag on it, would THAT have been acceptable? Would that ALL who had faced this diversity LIE, would get together nationwide and file a class action suit against all employees who had been the victim of such inane and citizen’s rights invasion!

All I know to do it pray. Please tell MaryElla and Bethany I share their frustration and disbelief and that they will be in my heart and my prayers. You know, H.K., the more people who comply out of fear rather than fight it, the more it will grow, unfettered. Sadly, I am one who, after many years in the political life, would be one that complied. At this point in time, I AM afraid. Afraid of the consequences of non-compliance, afraid of what lies ahead, and yes, even afraid of my own government! What to do?

All good wishes and prayers for a return of common sense for ALL of us, and love and hope enclosed.