Guest Speaker – July 2

From: “Chuck Lingelbach” (
Date: Jun 16, 2017
Subject: Guest Speaker – July 2
To: “” (

Hey HK,

Thanks so much for taking time out your busy schedule to speak at my church on July 2. We are looking forward to hearing you and I’m sure we all will have a wonderful service. As a reminder we are located at 2 Boyd’s Chapel Rd. in Weaverville. If you have any problem finding the church call me at 768-4787. Our service starts at 10:30 but I will be there at 8:30-9:00.

I will be more than happy to help you set up any merchandise to might want to sell. If there is anything you need before you speak I will be happy to make arrangements.

Again, I am honored you have accepted my invitation.

Thanks my friend!

Chuck Lingelbach