Southern Baptists Convention

From: MaryElla Fitz (
Date: Thu, Jun 15, 2017
Subject: Southern Baptists Convention
To: HK Edgerton (

Dear Brother ?!

Everyday we seem to be snowballing towards the eventual One World Government! So now the Wolves In Sheeps Clothing within our churches will decide who is worthy or unworthy… (this reminds me of 1850s Massachusetts when they started their recolonization narrative… the one used nearly verbatim by Lincoln to the freemen in his 1862 speech.)

“A majority of white evangelicals supported the election of President Trump. But many evangelicals of color have questioned that support and criticized Trump’s policies as harmful to minorities, if not racist.”

As so many Southerners have been saying, this isn’t about our southern cross of St Andrew, this is ultimately about The Cross of Christ! God help us not become cold in these last days!