Virginia And Robert E. Lee

From: “Crystal Webb” (
Date: Jul 16, 2017
Subject: Virginia and Robert E Lee
To: “HK Edgerton” (

Dearest HK,

You and I both have been standing against the removal of our veteran monuments. I personally have read the code on Virginia Veterans monuments and to say the least this point it gives the citizen every right to protect those memorials. I have made the statement that they can have my General’s monument over my dead body. I hope it will never come to that, but Virginia was his nation that he loved so that he departed the overreaching corrupt federal ranks for her defense. I do intend to stand for him similarly. August the 12th we rally, probably not the same people that have claim the date. You know who I am and what I stand for Liberty or death. We have quite an amazing veteran stand going to take place this day. I would love for you to experience Virginia’s great stand. I know you stay busy, read your updated quite often. Come have a victory for our Robert E Lee.

I personally believe the numbers of just veterans alone are going to surprise a lot of people unprepared. I’m excited and I’m ready to say enough with this ridiculous agenda to remove any of our American veterans memorials just to simply not offend uneducated people that don’t want to share in cultural respect for all. Instead, priding themselves in a more virtuous knowledge that is actually infact biased and denying of freedom and equality for all.

The removing of veteran monuments is no different than how special interest groups treated our Vietnam veterans when they returned from serving their country. This is a disgraceful agenda. I will ended it here because I am ready to call a spade a spade and restore the dignity and respect our veterans so dearly deserve.

Love you brother
Crystal Webb