Florida SunSentinel / An Open Letter Open Report / Open Reply

From: “SAVE SOUTHERN HERITAGE” (floridasshe@gmail.com)
Date: Jul 16, 2017
Subject: Hollywood



From: HK Edgerton (hk.edgerton@gmail.com)
Date: Mon, Jul 17, 2017
Subject: Florida SunSentinel / An Open Letter Open Report / Open Reply
To: siegels1 (siegels1@mindspring.com)

This diatribe of the so called Florida SunSentinel Editorial Board depicts the level at which the Antichrist and his historically deficient minions will go to forward
his agenda – Southern social and cultural genocide, expatriation of the laws put down by Jesus Christ, and any symbols that marked his historical presence, and with a
total disregard for the consequences that the loyal African people of the South will surely face as they did in the aftermath of the heinous reconstruction agenda of
Thaddeus Stephens and Beast Butler.

The continued attacks on the reputation of General Forrest, a man who like Lee, Hood, Jackson, befriended the African people in so many ways, is total sacrilege for
any man, woman or child who would deem themselves Southern. It matters not that General Forrest would be exonerated by a federal Congress that conducted what was
tantamount to a Klan trial, finding him innocent of any doings with the Klan, or in either the charges trumped against him at the Ft. Pillow offensive.

Following the same course of fake and distorted news, this board took the actions of a Northern hobo, a one Dan Israel who would call the Honorable General Robert E. Lee
“sub human White trash,” and go on to accuse General Lee of beating his slaves every day.

Not stopping there, this Board would glorify Israel for being the lone Black citizen with the courage to step forward with the renaming of those streets that bore
a Confederate General’s name. And, to further the sacrilege, the Hollywood Commission would wrap a veil around the streets of the same community that bore the names of
the Northern war criminals Sheridan, Sherman and Grant, who carried out to perfection the total war orders issued to them by Abraham Lincoln to take the theater of war to
the innocent old men, women and children of the South; burn them out, murder, rape, and steal any and everything of value. And told them that there would never be
an accounting for what they did.

Puts into mind the placing of the Presidential library of Grant on the campus of Mississippi State – the State that he burned 42 cities in. The same campus system
that would ban the Mississippi State Flag because it bore the Southern Cross, yet champion the likes of Grant, who went into the White House four years after the war’s
end, still owning slaves and, when prompted about it, would remark that good help was hard to find.

Two great events championed the coming to Jesus Christ and Christianity far beyond any other in the so called civilized world, the exodus of Africans in the slave
trade to the shores of the Southland of America, and the coming and baptisms of Christ in the Confederate army. And men like Lee, Jackson, Hood, Forrest and so many
others of their peers and families bore the responsibility for this charge.

So sad that a grinning Black woman ringing a bell proclaiming liberty and prompting that somehow her ignorance of history and the demeaning of Lee and his man would
make it so. And, even more sad is that loyal Black Southerners who take no stock in this madness will carry the brunt of its aftermath – a renewed hate of the African
people, while the White folk guilters, scalawags and traitors will log in for a free pass. God bless you!

Your brother,


Recipient, United Daughters of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis Medal