An Open Letter & Open Report / Sons National Reunion / Memphis

From: HK Edgerton (
Date: Thu, Jul 27, 2017
Subject: An Open Letter & Open Report / Sons National Reunion / Memphis
To: siegels1 (

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

One of the great moments for me at the National Sons of Confederate Veterans Reunion in Memphis, Tennessee, was the moment that I would spend with my babies. And, I
could not help to wonder if the photograph of Dylan Roof holding the Southern Cross in hand was powerful enough to warrant Nikki Haley to take it down from the
Confederate soldiers monument in South Carolina, that perhaps this picture with my self don in the Dixie Outfitters shirt that had just been auctioned off by the Order of
the Confederate Rose for a whopping $100, and that of one of my babies would be powerful enough to put it back.

From the time that I would strut with the Colors at the opening ceremony to my speech in a beautiful little church in Crossville, Tennessee, this Reunion of the Sons
has been a litany of love. I could not thank the staff of the Sheraton Hotel, or Lt. Colonel Keith Watson and the Division of Police Services enough for the kindness shown
to all. God bless you!

Your brother,


Southern Heritage 411