Beautiful Words

From: “Kathy Johnson” []
Date: Aug 17, 2017
Subject: Beautiful Words
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Mr. Edgerton,

I ran across one of your videos today, and it moved me to tears. I greatly admire your passion, conviction, and genuine love for the south. To be honest, I have never given a thought to a confederate flag or monument’s importance, but I have felt the beauty and the heart of the South and its’ people.
With all of the turmoil and anger in our country right now, I deeply feel that what is happening with the flags and monuments is wrong, but I could not express why I felt this way as I do not agree with either extreme or biased view being pushed in the media. Your conviction and knowledge of history – real history gave voice to the things I could not say. It once again showed me that as southerners, we are not alone because we share heart & passion for the south.

Thank you for speaking to your convictions. I learned a little more about myself because of your strength.

Godspeed and Gentle Blessings,

Kathy Johnson