Thank You, HK

From: “Aaron Capps” []
Date: Aug 17, 2017
Subject: Thank You HK
To: “HK Edgerton” []

Dear HK

Thank you so much for being a bright light in these dark days full of trouble. The recent events are only going to unfold and get worse with all the lies and misinformation being ran through the media. God has given you the voice to inform the ignorant and bring the truth to light. I pray that someone in the future will fill your shoes for the upcoming generations that will be forced lies upon them.

With my four year old son and new born soon to arrive. I will teach the way of lord and hope I can give them to knowledge they need to succeed in life. I feel it is my duty to teach the facts of the confederate battle flag and its significance. I even will tell them about you H.K. and the commitment you gave to spread the right word.

The history is being erased right before our eyes and makes for a scary world we live in. Keep doing Gods work I feel you have lots of fans and people that feel as strongly as you do, my self included.

thanks so much and God Bless