Conference Dates

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HK – I am exploring alternative dates for our fall conference, and checking to see if you would be available for Nov 3, 2017.

Please let me know if that is also a possibility.


Pastor Paul McDade


From: HK Edgerton
Date: 8/24/2017
Subject: Re: Conference dates

Dear Pastor,

I shall pencil that date in on my calendar. please let me know for sure when you make your decision. God bless you !

Your brother,



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Date: Aug 28, 2017
Subject: Re: Conference dates
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I have the Dates confirmed now for the Conference: November 3-5 2017. We will have you speak on Friday night November 3 at 7:00 pm. Our location is the Annabel Room at Buchanan Resort, in Springville, TN – their web site is here:

We are tentatively planning to video record the entire conference, and would also like to record an interview with you. If you would be able to arrive Thursday afternoon, we could do that Thursday Evening November 2nd. That would leave Friday for golf (I’m looking for a partner for you). I’ll put you up right there at the Resort – there are nice cabins with efficiencies surrounding the Annabel Room. You are welcome to stay through Sunday if you’d like. We will have four sessions on Saturday with a catered lunch. Then Sunday will be a Sunday School time which will extend the conference topic, followed by Worship and a meal afterward.

We are still working on the exact outline of the presentations. We will call the conference something like: Southern Heritage and Biblical Revelation I’d like to call your presentation: The Saint Andrew’s Cross: Symbol of Southern Heritage.

You’ll have about an hour in which to speak – and there are several things Id like to suggest for you to cover:

I’d like to hear what you can tell us about the origins and operation of the African slave trade – particularly how slaves were obtained for sale to the Europeans.
I’d like to hear about your ancestors coming here and being sold as slaves, about the family who purchased them, and any of their experiences.
Then about your own evolution in thinking about the topic of slavery and your experience with the NAACP.
Next, very particularly about what you see as the attempt to divide the Black and White races – so that both can be subjugated to an anti-Christian tyranny.
After that, the wealth of historical information you have about those who served with distinction in the Southern cause (Silas Chandler is one of my favorites)
Finally, then, how the Saint Andrew’s Cross represents their cause – and points the way to a unity of all men through faith in Christ.

These are my ideas, so feel free to do this any way you want. We certainly want to hear anything else you think is important. I’ll send more information on the conference topics and a brochure when we get it ready.

I think I can get your bio and picture off of your web site.

Your brother in Christ,
Paul McDade