Silent Sam

Date: August 29, 2017
Subject: Silent Sam

As a proud TarHeel (and not speaking of your current mascot), I respectfully request that you protect a veteran’s memorial to North Carolina’s sons. In particular, the UNC sons who did not return from War. One Lt Jesse Siler, of my gg-G’dad’s 1st NC Cavalry, co K, Macon Co regiment, was a student at UNC when War called him home. He died in battle. As his men rushed to his side, he could not speak, but pointed and urged them towards the enemy.

When you disrespect one group of North Carolin’s veterans, you disrespect them all!

Should you bow to the demands of the historically-illiterate children on your campus, you should be ready to also wipe the name “TarHeel” from your campuses as well. I assure you… If your students do not demand it, we, the Confederate descendants and true Tarheels, shall! Be It So!


MaryElla Henry-Fitzsimmons


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Date: Aug 29, 2017
Subject: Silent Sam

UNC board of trustees appear to be ready to allow the removal of Silent Sam. Frankly, I have little use for any communist breeding ground, I mean university, but I have a big problem with their use of a proud Carolina Confederate name… TarHeel. They are not worthy that name! Imho…