We Spoke Yesterday About The Mount Zion Meeting

From: “Cathryn McLeod” [cathrynmcleod7@mac.com]
Date: Aug 30, 2017
Subject: We spoke yesterday about the Mt Zion meeting

Good afternoon HK,

Thanks for your time. To review our phone call:

Our church, Mt Zion (http://www.mtzionasheville.org/welcome) on Eagle St, is gearing up to present monthly public “Listening Forums” to begin on Wednesday, Sept 13, 6-7:30. Our planning team is Pastor John Grant, deacons Roy Harris and Bernard Oliphant (all cc’d above) and me. We will meet again tomorrow 8/31 at 5:00.

Our objective is to bring current “hot topics” for viewpoint comparisons before a respectful listening audience. We will present our Rules of Engagement.

For our first meeting, about the Confederacy / monument removal, we have already signed on with Dr. Darin Waters (https://history.unca.edu/faces/faculty/darin-waters) as one speaker. We are working to find another panelist, who will speak from the Confederate vantage point. We hope you will consider speaking on that evening. If you’re unavailable, do you know of someone local (or not?) who can speak from that perspective? Our panelists will have 15 minutes to speak, followed by 60 minutes of audience Q&A.

Thanks for your consideration.

Cathryn McLeod