Mayor Visit

From: “Lisa Thomas” []
Date: Aug 29, 2017
Subject: Mayor Visit

Hello Everyone,

Hk and I had a meeting with Mayor Rogero today to present the petition to save the Fort Sanders monument. I had 6127 signatures. We believe the meeting went very well. She was very welcoming and really listened to everything we had to say. I gave her a brief history of the UDC to show it is not a racist organization. I shared with her notes from a UDC published book on the building, creating and dedication ceremony of the monument to show it was not placed there for black oppression. Shared with her the financial backer of the monument who was John P. Kerns. Mr. Kerns was the son of Peter Kerns the founder of Kerns bakery. Peter served in the 50th GA infantry for the Confederacy. She seemed really interested in the history and I gave her copies of everything I found.

Hk gave them his history of being president of the NAACP and etc. He told about the black confederate soldiers, naming quite a few of them. She listened very careful.
Her reply was she is hearing 6 different sides to the story. She said ours was the most believable because we are seeking peace and education. She is very concerned about the monument for where it sits. She fears it is in danger of being defaced again and again then asked us if we could suggest a place on the hill that would be out of the main street running through the area. I do not believe she is one of these mayors that want to take it down, hide it or destroy it.

She hugged us when we left and thanked us for coming. She made sure she had our contact information so if she needs a question answered or our opinion she could contact us.

Overall, I believe our meeting went very well. Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement. This is just the beginning. We all must work together to protect our own little part of the monuments and memorials to win this battle.

(Please share with whomever you wish)

Lisa Thomas

President Abner Baker Chapter

United Daughters of the Confederacy