Re: Mayor Visit

From: “Karen M. Waugh” []
Date: Aug 30, 2017
Subject: RE: Mayor Visit
To: “HK Edgerton” []

The problem with moving these monuments to cemeteries or museums – out of the public view – is that gives haters a place to work in the dark away from the light and police officers who would defend property from vandalism. Cemeteries can be sold and CSA monuments welcomed by some now may not always be welcomed, especially if their presence brings vandalism to the cemetery, as many have. Police are charged with protecting the living and enforcing the law. WE are the ones charged with protecting memorials to the dead. And we have already seen demands and protests at museums that hold what BLM/Antifa call racist.

The issue here is not any monument, but whether American laws are followed by our elected officials or not. If our elected officials give in to mob violence over these stones… what won’t they give in to in the future? Is Atticus Finch only a character in a novel of fiction, or is he the embodiment of justice and fair play in America? So far, I have been gravely disappointed in the quality of our elected officials. We are right to fear for our nation if those elected can be swayed by a paid crowd and socialist rhetoric.

Karen Waugh