Charles Smith – Manatee

Date: Sep 5, 2017
To: “HK Edgerton” []


From: HK Edgerton []
Date: Wed, Sep 6, 2017
Subject: CHARLES SMITH – MANATEE / An Open Letter & Open Report
To: siegels1 []

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

Thank you for all you do, and have done, for our homeland. And much praise for initiating the Bradenton, Florida Poll that clearly shows that there are many decent Black folks in Manatee County that don’t buy into the contumelious actions of Charles B. Smith, a Manatee County Commissioner who gives new meaning to conflict of interest and who, in my opinion, does not deserve to take his seat at the table with his peers as a Commissioner.

I find that any man who is so elected to represent all of the citizens of Manatee County who would don the shirt of a Commissioner, and lead a protest with any group that would call for the death of police officers, is not only chimerical, but should warrant actions for a call for his dismissal, and a criminal investigation by the State Attorney General as he surely stepped over the line in placing his peers in harms way.

The attached article (link above) and video posted on line is the most disgusting display of any government official that I have ever seen. Smith makes Hillsborough County Commissioner Les Miller look like a Saint.

Ms. Bessie, an elderly Black woman that the Honorable Attorney, David McCallister, and I would hold conversation with yesterday prior to the commencement of the Commission meeting in Lakeland, Florida, would tell us that even if all the Confederate soldiers monuments were torn down, only hate would converge. You must change a man’s heart, and move forward in love. And there was enough love that surrounds the Southern people, and their history, to do so with our monuments standing in place.

I so wanted to feel that as I stood beside my Southern family in Bradenton at a press conference today, Wednesday, September 6, 2017. May the Almighty God forgive me, because as much as I tried, I could find none for Charles B. Smith. Please pray for me. God bless you!

Your brother,


Member, Save Southern Heritage Florida