Lakeland, Florida Speech

From: “Rod O’Barr” []
Date: Sep 14, 2017
Subject: Lakeland, Florida Speech
To: []


Just watched your inspiring speech to the officials of Lakeland, Florida. One of your best ever! Keep up the great work my Compatriot!

Thought you might be interested to know, especially in light of the question that one official asked you about blacks in the Confederate Army, I’ve done a little research here in my home State of Tennessee. I have found that the Tennessee General Assembly passed legislation in 1861 allowing free men of color to serve in Tennessee Regiments. I also found 8 pages of Black Tennesseans who received pensions for service in Confederate forces. Of course this list does not include all that died in the war or before the pensions were handed out in the early 1900’s. Nor does it include those who did not know to apply for pensions, and yet there are still 8 pages from a State that didn’t have near as large a black population as did other States.

It’s important to point out to folks that while the Confederate government didn’t approve black service until 1865, the Confederacy emphasized States Rights and many of the individual States did allow integration of their forces long before 1865. Not only were they integrated regiments (unlike the North), they also paid the same (unlike the North).

Thanks again for all you do to unite all the races of the South just as they were before the meddlin’ Yankees interfered!

For the Cause,

Rod O’Barr
SCV Camp 87
Knoxville, TN.