March Across Dixie Photo Journal

From: HK Edgerton []
Date: Tue, Oct 17, 2017
Subject: March Across Dixie Photo Journal
To: siegels1 []

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

I now have a very limited number of the Historic March Across Dixie Photo Journal books, and documentary DVDs, authored by the renowned Terry Lee Edgerton, that showcase the journey made some 15 years ago as I don the uniform of the Southern soldier, carrying the Southern Cross through nearly one hundred cities and seven states, six days a week, traveling some 20 miles a day on foot. And several times, 45 miles or more.

It was a journey embraced by my Southern family and, arguably, many from the North that showcased their love for the most sacred symbol of the South, second only to the Christian Cross, and the Star of David; “The Confederate Battle Flag,” and the gathering of the stories told by their families, whether they were freed or indentured, Red, Yellow, Brown, Black or White, who made an incredible stand together.

Terry Lee’s documentary work is the super glue on the lying lips of those who have done everything (since the Honorable Robert E. Lee signed a supposed treaty at Appomattox Courthouse on April 9, 1865) to divide and separate those who understood the meaning of the Compact they forged together, and the Constitution that protected it against those in opposition while utilizing an unsuspecting Black citizenry as the weapon of choice to move their agenda. The circle of history makes its way once again, but the truth will set you free!

And, I don’t want forget to send kudos to the Honorable Mike Scruggs by my Black babies after they read his book, “The Un-Civil War.”