Draft Release – For Review/Comment – URGENT

From: “SAVE SOUTHERN HERITAGE” [floridasshe@gmail.com]
Date: Oct 31, 2017
Subject: Draft Release – for review/comment – URGENT



Tampa – A defamation lawsuit filed against the Hillsborough County Democratic Party Florida is being dismissed by Save Southern Heritage – Florida (“SSH FL”).

The suit was filed after public statements were made about Save Southern Heritage by Democratic Party Leaders and pressure was brought on a local private club, the planned venue for one of the group’s joint events.

“It is obvious to me that the Democratic Party and its allies used bullying and scare tactics to intimidate Hillsborough County Citizens away from Save Southern Heritage that actually disrupted a long planned event” said HK Edgerton. HK Edgerton is past president of the Ashville Chapter of the NAACP and a featured speaker at the event.

Justin Waters, attorney for SSH FL said about the cause “unfortunately, due to a ruling in a recent case, the legal standards for defaming a public figure (like SSH) are so high that even Mother Teresa would have an impossible case to win if the Democratic Party used the same slurs against her.”. “Anyone can say anything about a public figure and get away with it now” Waters added.

The Democratic Party including Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz have been active in Florida pushing for historical vandalism through removal of observances to American Veterans like Hood and Lee Streets and the Memoria in Aeterna in Hillsborough County and Edmund Kirby Smith in Washington, DC.

“They seem to be opposed to free speech in public spaces…unless it is their party approved speech” said David McCallister, SSH FL spokesman.

“The Democrat Party’s claims of “racism” & white supremacy” against SSH ring hollow as they are tagging anyone to the right of Michael Moore or anyone who voted Republican in the last election with the same label” McCallister concluded.