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From: “Ted Mizerski” []
Date: Nov 21, 2017
Subject: New convert here
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Sir, I have always liked the battle flag. It’s cool. It was on the car general Lee, it was on old country music albums, and the people that defend it love it dearly. I wanted to know if it was ok for me to like it, because of the things I was as taught n school, and from what I saw on TV so I started looking around and I couldn’tn’t hardly believe what I was seeing and reading. Everything I knew about Lincoln, the North and the South was wrong. One of the first videos I watched was you, you were speaking at some town meeting or something. I am appalled at the dictatorial behavior of Lincoln, I am appalled at the behavior of the north, before, during and after the war. I have come to understand that slavery was already dying a natural death, as the hearts and minds of people in the south were changing, unlike the Yanks. I am so proud of the south, fighting against tyranny…and I am so proud of the African Americans (free and slave) who enlisted to do whatever they could. I have a couple friends who are of a different race than me, but after finding history of blacks fighting side by side with whites in this war of Northern aggression has made me come to love my friends of different races even more. This attached photo has become my favorite that I have found. I was wrong about the south, but deep inside I knew that there was another story. I live in Nebraska, but now I wish I was from the South. Thanks for doing what you do.