Re: Silent Sam – Confederate Statue At UNC-Chapel Hill

From: “Rashad” []
Date: Nov 29, 2017
Subject: Re: Silent Sam – Confederate Statue at UNC-Chapel Hill
To: [], []

Good morning,

I read with interest your article. First let me address the Black Lives Matter incident. This organization is funded by the New World Order. George Soros is their front man Most of the confusion between American Blacks and Whites is a plot they are using to put the Blacks and Whites at odds against each other so the New World Order can continue to destroy America and their values.

Blacks should be marching about the killings that the youth are doing in the major cities in the U.S. It is disgraceful what these out of control youth are doing to each other and their communities in the U.S. Of course, this is a result of the plot of the New world order’s, music and film industry to allow degrading and vulgar music into the society, and the drug market and gun dealers are in on the destruction. They use these ignorant thuggish Black youths and the Black Lives matter group as well as their created NAACP to keep up the confusion among every group in America.

All the discard in America is a result of the New World Order and their lackey politicians, and legislatures. Taking prayer out of the school system was one of the worst things that happened to the Americans.

The New World order must keep up the confusion so they can succeed in their plot to destroy America. If Black folks and their youth think the Black Lives Matter group, NAACP, the Democratic party and a few religious front people are their friends, they are sadly mistaken.

Rather than marching against Confederate monuments and the taking down of these historical land marks, they should be marching and protesting these gang members who are destroying the Black communities in America.

People are being terrorized by these youth gangs and nothing is being said about it in the pulpits or these so-called black organizations. I personally think the black youths are insane because of this filthy rap music and films allowed to come into every aspect of our Country. Most of them are walking around with their pants hanging down thinking they are in fashion. Why aren’t the BLM groups marching in protest to the ills affecting the Blacks by Blacks.?

It is so much filth propagated in America by the New World Order, that it is shameful that the people can’t see who is behind the destruction of America. They have the soldiers thinking they are fighting for their country, and using the military and police to control the American people for keeping them in check and further the New world order agenda; what a joke.

The order has used their lackeys to create a new gender in America while the religious groups are afraid to speak out about this shameful blight on American Values.

The New world order used Barack Obama to implement the law of this same sex trash further confusing the youth. And putting the women against the men and men against the women. This was a divide and conquer America plot. The Boy Scouts, the people of North Carolina and their legislative body, the military have all been affected by this trash and filth. This has been forced upon the Americans by the very people they put in office. The Blackmailing of political and other leaders to implement this same sex crime against nature agenda is insane.

It took me some time to figure out this Black Lives Matter campaign. I have filmed over 20 documentary films on high profile locations with their marches and protest. I always saw more white folks marching and protesting with very few blacks in the march or protest.

It was called to my attention by a former Black Panther, who was instrumental in the Black Panther party of the 1960’s and 1970’s that; this Black Lives Matter group was funded by Soros and he told me in an interview that Black Lives Matter group was led by some Lesbians and Homosexuals.

I began to observe the behavior of the BLM at some of the most high-profile marches and protest. The last march I filmed was at the capitol steps in one of the major cities protesting a high-profile decision involving a police shooting. Low and behold, the women who were conducting the rally were rough like men, talked to the crowd like men and some of the men were feminist. I quickly flashed back to what I was told by the former Black Panther member. I began to put two and two together based upon what I observed throughout the last two years filming this group.

Everything began adding up as I spoke with more and more people about the condition in America as it relates to Black folks and white folks. The New World Order gain of traitors to America including all the past Presidents and Legislators have their marching orders to create division in all the people in the United States.

Most black youth-and white liberals don’t have a clue as to what is happening. The NAACP is one of the chief architects of the division. The KKK and skin heads are another group used by the New World order to keep the people fighting among themselves. This is an evil plot the New World Order implements to further erode the Divided States of America.

Donald Trump was a blessing to the People of the United States when he was elected. He stopped the New World Order agenda in their tracks to further take over America.

Blacks do not do research. They work off miss-information, hearsay and media lies. This goes for low information white voters also.

When the Confederate flag issue was at the center of the national controversy, the New World order stirred up the ignorant populace to further create a climate of hate against white southerners.

The student doing research would have to go deeper in the situation than a semester or quarter.

PS. God Bless Donald trump and may God be with him trying to solve the mess created by the past traitors of the United States, while taking the insults by the ignorant masses who confused as to who their real enemies are. It certainly isn’t the Confederate Monuments.

Kindest regards,