Thank You For The Update

From: “Victor Buckley” []
Date: Dec 11, 2017
To: “HK Edgerton” []

Thank you Brother HK for giving me an update on this

Leading up to that museum I received several invitations to attend and to donate which I have not donate nor did I attend far I felt has if the history of Mississippi would not be true and accurate to its fullest detail and I am not surprised that your march across Dixie or any other red-blooded American Southerner was ever mentioned in the history of Mississippi your March or mine will never ever be placed in the museum I didn’t even get news coverage only accept our local newspaper the Picayune item when I walked from Picayune to Jackson with our state flag in total denial of them removing it

I now in my spare time have mounted the state flag and the poww flag on to the flagpole and mounted it to a bicycle and I ride the bike I plan to ride throughout the entire State one day it has been planned twice and twice it is failed so I ride here locally ever so often especially on holidays. Brother HK I thank you and all those that support you and those that has given their prayers for you and your cause and providing not only the history of the southern people and the heritage of the Southern Nations but for your undying devotion for our ancestors both white and black and let’s not forget mine the American Indians who have fought to keep this nation both Southern and Union we have never been United and we never will be they’ve always been differences but I pray that we will always remember those who have fallen that give us this Free Nation after all this nation was founded on a Confederate Republic and we all white black and red has fought for this nation and fought for the South may our flags always stand for Liberty and freedom and may those like you brother HK not be scared or be fear tactic to where they will not put boots to the ground my prayers is always with you sir and thank you thank you for standing there and being a light and sharing the knowledge that the great Creator has blessed you with my prayers is always with you forever more

God bless peace out