Thankful For Your Voice, Awed By Your Energy

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Date: Dec 27, 2017
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Mr. Edgerton – I’ve just finished reading your letter to Mrs. Lunelle and as always am thankful for your voice and awed by your energy! We have actually met on several
occasions, but one of the most memorable of those occasions was being met by you at the gates of Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston, at the funeral and interment of Lt.
Dixon & the final crew of the C.S.S. Hunley. Your energy gave us all the strength to continue the last steps to form up for the solemnities to lay those brave souls
to rest among kindred spirits on that long and difficult day! I thank you for helping me that day and I thank you again for your letter to Mrs Lunelle explaining the
truths of the histories of those brave men!

I sincerely hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that the New Year will bring Peace & Harmony for us all!

Jesse Gundry
Magruder-Ewell Camp #99
Newport News, Virginia
Sons of Confederate Veterans