Proposed Monument For Confederate Veterans Of Color

On Jan 3, 2018, MaryElla Fitz [] wrote:

Dear Sirs:

It was a pleasure to speak with Rep Chumley a few moments ago to share how pleased I was to hear from Ms Arlene Barnum about the proposal in SC to build veterans monuments, rather than remove them!

As I shared during our conversation, my thoughts immediately flew to the undeterred efforts of a precious ‘Real’ Daughter of the Confederacy, Mrs Mattie Clyburn Rice, on behalf of her father (hence the ‘Real’ designation:) Weary Clyburn and other Confederate Veterans of Color. He was a proud Veteran from SC! And Ms Mattie was proud of her father! While she lived to see his service recognized and honored in the land of his repose (Monroe NC), I know she would be happy for posterity’s sake that his home state of SC should do the same.

Another Friend and Brother HK Edgerton of NC also has strong attachments to SC through his Dear mother’s family. I am sure he will be happy to hear of your efforts on behalf of our Confederate Veterans as well.

I pray God that SC remembers and honors her Warriors and look forward to hearing of your progress! #NoStolenValor

With grateful appreciation,

MaryElla Henry-Fitzsimmons


From: “Mike Burns” []
Date: Jan 3, 2018
Subject: Re: Proposed Monument For Confederate Veterans Of Color

Thank you so much for this information… I hope your family has a healthy and very happy 2018… Mike