Thank You

Date: May 24, 2018
Subject: Thank You
To: “edgerton, hk” []


I would like to thank you both for traveling many miles, on several occasions at my request to come help us here in Ft Myers, Lee County , Florida. In a world of people who make promises you both have come thru not only helping me, the SCV, and the Keep Lee in Lee Group but the community in throwing some rays of reason in the hailstorm of vile ill intended actions of a few.

We may get a much deserved break and be able to breathe, for now, its not over as we all know but at least we have some room.

I hope one day that you and all of us can find time to relax maybe have a cookout or do some fishing.

I owe you both and unsurrmountable debt and will always be their at your call.

Again thank You for all you have done


And I know brother HK Angela is watching us right now , and smiling.